Our business deals with complex technology, and it’s easy to get caught up in it all. But we never forget that everything we do is geared towards helping people. Our role is looking at problems and finding thoughtful, practical solutions.

Whether you judge success to be increased PnL, protecting your business or peforming well in spread tables. With MahiMarket's involvement we have a strong history of making a material difference to a firm’s standing and electronic trading capabilities. 

Who uses our technology?

  • Banks

    MahiMarkets provides institutional clients with the tools they need to quickly and seamlessly establish a highly optimised trading business complete with signal led finely tuned pricing, algorithmic risk management, trading led analytics and consultancy

  • Brokers

    With an increase in coordinated trading and latency associated with aggregation, yields are decreasing and it’s becoming harder for people in financial markets to make money. We assist brokers across asset classes, to ensure their business is protected from arbitrage and increase their revenue via sophisticated price & signal engineering as well as trader behaviour mapping, bespoke risk management, trading led granular level analytics and much more.

  • Payment Providers

    Payments companies often rely on manually hedging their exposure, which can be costly.

    For a fixed monthly fee, you can access our robust, highly sophisticated algos to ensure your flow is hedged in the most efficient and profitable way, putting you firmly back in control. Make minimal market impact and maximise yields with profit seeking algos. Combined with our analytics we offer complete transparency and actionable insights.