You vs. John Paulson

How long does it take super-trader John Paulson to
earn your annual income?

Your Salary



John Paulson makes your annual income

Hello Mr Murdoch.

We're big fans of your media empire.
We see you're interested in earning a little on the side?

How Much?



In 2009 John Paulson earned $4.9 billion.



On average, over $13 million a day.



Years would it take you to earn the same.

1 Min. 32 Sec.

In the time you've been here, John would have made…



Know many people who make $555,900 an hour?

Things you could buy with $4.9b

Manchester United F.C, The New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. Combined.


Nights with Demi Moore*

*At the 1993 rate negotiated by Robert Redford in the film Indecent Proposal

The South Pacific nation of Fiji

Relatively speaking:

John dropping $100k is the equivalent of you buying a beer.

Perhaps it’s time to start trading?

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Before you start trading, you should know:

John Paulson is not just any financial trader - he is the head of Paulson & Co, a New York hedge fund. His $49 billion income in 2010 set a new hedge fund record. You should not expect to beat John Paulson's record or earn anywhere near $4.9 billion. Unfortunately, this means forex trading won't lead to the above collateral benefits for you.

So, all jokes aside:

Forex trading is inherently risky, and the risks include losing money as well as making money.