Engineered to increase trading profits

A bespoke, highly configurable pricing, risk management and execution system designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing software, allowing you to manage your flow in intricate detail. Protect your client experience, avoid loss, grow volume, as well as increase PnL.


  • Extract maximum PnL from your portfolio
    Increase yield extracted from flow and create new revenue streams from low yielding flow.

  • Control liquidity, pricing and execution criteria distributed to different sets of clients
    Tailor price distribution and order acceptance criteria shown to A, B, retail, institutional or specific clients.

  • Automate client classification and management
    Identify changing client behaviour in real-time and dynamically manage internalisation/execution decisions.

  • Form your own predictive rate
    Price accuracy is critical to prevent arbitrage and hedge at the right price.

  • Profitably manage risk across asset classes
    Actively manage risk, avoid losses, access a variety of hedging strategies and produce consistent PnL.

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