Great minds don’t think alike

With more and more customers choosing to trade larger tickets algorithmically having a highly competitive ready made solution is increasingly important. MFX Vector is an advanced, fully transparent algorithmic trading system with a difference. Backed by a sophisticated market making engine it allows you to earn spread as well as handle sweeps and market volatility efficiently. Why pay more?

You control the levels of aggression, amount  executed, and your specified urgency giving you complete control over your execution.

Whitelabel the technology with your branding and logo and let your clients trade directly. 


Key Benefits:

  • An extensive suite of customisable execution algorithms

  • Earn spread by passively market making, avoid spread crossing

  • Control the speed of execution and where orders are placed

  • Reduce market impact on large orders

  • Optimise aggression based on market direction
  • TCA to drill into execution performance and market impact both during algorithmic execution and post-trade
  • Whitelabel with your branding - access an instant algorithmic solution



  • Finely tuned algos
  • Order control in flight
  • TCA and reports
  • Quick order entry
  • Robust technology
  • Post trade STP
  • Detachable screens
  • Consultancy
  • White label

This is what one of our clients has to say:

“When I have time it allows me to act as a market maker. When I want to be aggresive it makes the most of the window I give it and I can see everything it does”

Give your clients control with their own algo solution.

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