Spot patterns to stop problems

FX is fast-paced, and market conditions demand real time responses to remain competitive. Having total visibility takes the guesswork out of diagnosing problems and is central to making prudent trading decisions. 



  • Real-time arbitrage alerts
  • Identify sweeps as they occur
  • View spread stability 
  • Keep track of pricing update frequency 
  • Rank LPs based on pricing accuracy 


How does MFX Echo help?

Increases profits
Extract maximum PnL from your portfolio.


Understand your clients and respond quickly 

Automate the policing of flow and respond to toxic clients/mass dealing by EAs, and  avoid losses before any real damage is done. Filter clients by their trade holding period to quickly make decisions and act on them before it’s too late. 


Make informed risk management and trading decisions

Use immediately actionable insights to significantly increase revenues and simplify the trading desk’s day-to-day processes.


Proactively manage risk + liquidity 

Good LP relationships are an important factor in running a profitable FX business. You need to monitor the services you receive to ensure you provide quality services to your end clients. 


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