Engineered to increase trading profits

A highly configurable pricing and risk management system that allows you to manage your flow in intricate detail.


Key Benefits:

  • Highly intelligent, automated allocation of  flow to the correct books: broker damaging flow, manage B book flow efficiently and create a C book for monetisable flow. 
  • Highly tuned algorithmic hedgers exit risk efficiently based on a range of parameters and your individual risk appetite 
  • Form your own bespoke pricing models with a vast range of built-in protection
  • Advanced predictive signalling technology for both hedging and price formation 
  • Trading simulation technology 


How does MFX Compass help?


Increases profits

Extract maximum PnL from your portfolio.


Protects your business 

Identify and protect against attacks, latency or market moves.


Gives you a competitive edge

Access the tools you need to  craft your own rate,  distinguishing you from the crowd and bringing you more flow.


Optimal hedging 

Hedge at the most optimal time and in the most cost effective way,  in line with your business model.


Test drive your theories 

Advanced simulation technology allows you to road test changes to pricing or risk controls based on your individual needs in a highly data driven way.


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